Graveyard Sword Sleeve Code | FNM at Home

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Buy this listing to receive x1 Digital MTG Arena Code instantly to the browser and your email address.

Upon redemption of the code, you will receive Graveyard Sword Sleeve from the "FNM at Home" promotion. The code is also known as FNM April 10, 2020.


Do you want to beef up your card backs? Are you tired of basic, bland-looking sleeves?

The sleeves from the "FNM at Home" promotion were handed out during the COVID-19 pandemic. They established a long-lasting tradition connecting players to their Local Game Stores.

You can redeem the code inside the MTG Arena game client or through the Wizards of the Coast website. If you choose the second option, the reward will appear inside the game when you visit the store tab.

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Expiry and Limits

Please note that the limit is 1 MTGA sleeve Code for Graveyard Sword per MTG Arena account. There is no point in buying more than one quantity of this MTG Arena Code listing unless buying for multiple accounts.

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