About us

About Us

Lastly edited by MTGA Codes on 17-Jan-2023

An article about the team behind MTGA Codes Webstore. Who created the online store where you can buy Magic the Gathering MTG Arena codes with ease.

In the beginning, before becoming owners of the MTGA Codes webstore, we were just players of Magic the Gathering. We are aesthetes, seekers of beauty all around us, and we know how to enjoy it. That's why we liked the idea about ​​codes that can make the game more appealing or to get new card styles, which in some cases can not be purchased through the in-game store. We bought MTGA codes from different places, but there was always something that didn't satisfy us - we either waited a whole lot of time for the sellers to send them, or the codes didn't work for us, or they were costly. We were tired of facing various obstacles and wasting a lot of time and effort redeeming a code, and that was the main reason we created our webstore - MTGA Codes. Perfectly polished down to the last detail, we guarantee that you will always receive the latest and greatest working codes in a split second without having to log in to your e-mail! When you pay for your order, the code table will appear immediately, and you can even copy the codes by just clicking on them—no more leading or trailing space problems. The next step is to paste them into the game. And that's it! Since our mission is to have no dissatisfied customers, we will refund your money as per our 100% money-back guarantee if things do not turn out as promised.

We had hundreds of customers who were extremely satisfied with our services and gave us around 6000 positive feedback in about one year. With almost 2000 codes sold per month, we know the ins and outs of the code selling ordeal!

We are incredibly grateful to you for giving us a daily incentive to develop and get better.