MTGA Codes Exclusive Loyalty Program

MTGA Codes Exclusive Loyalty Program

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MTG Arena Codes Exclusive Loyalty Program. Buy MTGA Codes, level up to Mythic, and unlock unique discounts.

We at MTGA Codes want to develop, satisfy, and please our customers constantly. That's why we decided with our dev team to work on a loyalty program. Level up from Platinum to Diamond and finally Mythic to unlock all the rewards.

MTGA Codes Loyalty Program Rewards

The MTGA Codes Loyalty Program at a glance:

  • Exclusive sitewide Loyalty Discount - once you level up, get a lifetime discount for all your future orders. This reward gets better when you level up more, and promo codes can still be applied!
  • Birthday Reward - celebrate the month of your birthday with an additional discount. The birthday and the loyalty discount are cumulative.
  • Welcome gift - get a unique promo code once you reach a certain level which will unlock one product for free from our diamond and mythic catalogs.

MTGA Codes Loyalty Program

Your profile dashboard shows how much you need for the next level. You can check each reward's full description and terms by clicking on the bullet point links. Climb the three loyalty levels to unlock all the goodies.

If you checked out as a guest, your progress is saved. You already have an account - look into your mailbox for an email named "Your login credentials".

Thank you for being with us all this time!
We appreciate your loyalty and want to amuse you with many rewards.
Redeem codes and win prizes at the same time!