Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears Planeswalker Deck Code | Theros Beyond Death

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Buy this listing to receive x1 Digital MTG Arena Code instantly to the browser and your registered email address.

All MTG Arena deck codes redeem for one or two MTGA decks, which we have provided a decklist for at the bottom. However, if you already have some of the cards in the MTG Arena decklist, you will not receive extra copies beyond the maximum specified in the decklist. In the case where you have one or more copies of a specific rare card and the decklist includes only one, you will not receive anything for that card.

You will also get the Island and Swamp Nyx Basic Lands which you can use in all your decks.


Are you struggling to make a decent deck? Are you looking for a specific, powerful Planeswalker card?

Purchase both Theros Planeswalker Decks to get the following Nyx Basic Lands - Plains, Island, Swamp.

You can redeem the code inside the MTG Arena game client or through the Wizards of the Coast website. If you choose the second option, the reward will appear inside the game when you visit the store tab.

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Expiry and Limits

Please note that the limit is 1 MTGA Deck Code per MTG Arena account. There is no point in buying more than one quantity of this MTG Arena Code listing unless buying for multiple accounts.

** NB The deck features cards that are not Standard Legal. **

expired July 1, 2021, but is still redeemable and verified on sending


Planeswalker (1)

Ashiok, Sculptor of Fears (Mythic Rare)

Creature (23)

Gravebreaker Lamia (Rare)

Tymaret, Chosen from Death

Towering-Wave Mystic

Devourer of Memory

Swimmer in Nightmares

Elite Instructor

Underworld Charger

Mindwrack Harpy

Pharika's Spawn

Ashiok's Forerunner (Rare)

Sorcery (5)

Sleep of the Dead

Funeral Rites

Instant (4)

Glimpse of Freedom

Final Death

Enchantment (2)

Mire's Grasp