Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease Pack Code | 24 Boosters

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Buy 4x MTG Arena Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease codes and get your hands on 4x MTGA Codes that’ll be sent directly to your email. After you redeem the MTG Arena code, you’ll be rewarded with 24 Modern Horizons 3 (MH3) booster packs that you can use to upgrade your card collection!


Are you ready to take your card collection to a whole new level? With Modern Horizons 3 promo code, you'll be holding on to a golden ticket that'll lead you to MTGA greatness. MTGA promo codes can be redeemed in-game or in your Wizards of the Coast account portal, so buy MTG Arena codes today!

Don't just give up after the MTG Arena Modern Horizons 3 code! There are several Magic Arena pack codes that you can use to stock up on Rare and Mythic Rare Wildcards like a true sorcerer. Even if the cards from Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease arena code aren't in your current game strategy, who knows what cards you'll collect in the future.

You can even get your hands on 5-pack MTG Arena promo codes and prerelease codes from other sets, along with the Modern Horizons 3 code! Beginning with the Murders of Karlov Manor set, you have the option to redeem up to 5 Prerelease codes per MTG Arena account. For sets released prior to this, the redemption limit is restricted to one Prerelease code per MTG Arena account. The cards you don't use right now can hold immense power that'll be able to boost your future strategies. So don't think twice about buying more MTGA codes!

Expiry and Limits

Keep in mind, each account is only allowed 5 Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease codes, so don't go around buying more MTG codes. They simply won't work. Modern Horizons 3 Arena codes expire on September 1, 2025.

For further clarification on the limits of MTGA Prerelease Codes, please refer to the FAQ section below.