Introducing Pack Bundles

Introducing Pack Bundles

Lastly edited by MTGA Codes on 27-Jun-2023

A guide about the new product - MTG Arena Prerelease and Promo Pack Code Bundles.  Explanation of limits when buying MTGA Booster Pack codes.

Recently we introduced a set of new products - Prerelease Pack Code Bundles. Each listing offers multiple single codes grouped by different criteria. There has been an interest in the products, but we found some worrisome patterns - people were buying more codes than the allowed limits set up by WOTC for MTG Arena accounts. We will try to clear the chaos and break up this trend. We are always more than willing to refund any unused codes, so if you still make a mistake, don't hesitate to contact us for reimbursement.

Let's begin with a short explanation of the types of Booster Pack codes - "Prerelease" and "Promo Pack" codes. Both come from a physical product for a specific Magic: The Gathering set. The prerelease codes are from prerelease kits, while the promo pack codes come from a promo pack booster. Unlike the codes for PTCGO, all codes for MTG Arena have a limit on the redemptions per MTGA account. WOTC has set the limit for Booster Pack codes to be one Prerelease code and five Promo Pack codes for each set.

In the case of Promo Pack codes, all our listings are bundled together with the five codes. So there is no need to buy five times this listing.

Now on to the Prerelease Pack Bundles. If you have already redeemed a prerelease or promo pack codes for a specific MTG set, you have reached the limit for that set. Buying a Booster Pack Bundle doesn't increase the limit for your account. Remember, those limits are instated per set per account by WOTC. We have seen users buy a Streets of New Capenna Prerelease code and then the Standard Prerelease Pack Code Bundle, which also includes the Capenna code. You can review which codes a specific Booster Pack Code Bundle includes under the "Reward" section. You can check for both the set and the type of code (prerelease or promo pack).

We hope this will clear most of the confusion when ordering Booster Pack Codes. Even better will be if WOTC removes the limits and people can redeem many codes on their account. But for now, mind the limit, and you can count on us for a refund if something goes haywire.

  • Q: Can I redeem more than one Prerelease code from different sets?
  • A: Yes, because the limit is 1 Prerelease code per MTG set, redeeming two codes from different sets is perfectly ok.


  • Q: Can I redeem two Prerelease codes from the same set?
  • A: Unfortunately, as of the day of this writing, you cannot because the limit is one Prerelease code per MTG set.


  • Q: I bought five times the listing for Promo Pack codes, and 20 codes are invalid.
  • A: We have already bundled the limit of five Promo Pack codes in one listing, so there is no need to buy the listing five times.


  • Q: What is Future Standard?
  • A: Once a year, the Standard Format experiences a rotation. The oldest four sets will no longer be standard legal, while the latest four will continue to be playable in Standard. The latter sets are considered Future Standard - usable in the future.